Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pickleball improves blood circulation, memory, flexibility,reduces stress, builds muscle strength

Above: Catherine, Henrietta, Shirley, Annette. Below: Joan, Rita.

Above: Al, Mike, Dave, Richard. Below: Henry, Tom, Ganbat.

All four courts were busy with 20 regular players on Tuesday afternoon, four people waiting to play. Jerry, Tom, Al, Richard, Henry, Barry, Gord, Ganbat, Bill, Rita, Annette, Catherine, Joyce, Dorothy, Michelle, Henrietta, Joan, Mike, Dave and me. We rotated players and played many games.

We all enjoyed coffee, snacks and chat afterwards. Topics of conversation include health issues that playing pickleball provides enormous health benefits: improve memory, blood circulation, energy levels, reduce stress, weight loss etc. Read more on health benefits of exercise http://www.brain-aerobics.net/

■Raise metabolism
■Build muscle strength
■Induce lipolysis (breakdown of fat)
■Build bone mass and bone mineral density
■Reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone)
■Reduce back & joint pain
■Increase range of motion
■Rehabilitate injuries
■Elevate serotonin levels to help improve memory
■Improve circulation
■Decrease blood pressure
■Increase blood oxygenation
■Increase energy levels
■Increase flexibility and balance
■Encourage digestion and colonic movement
■Visibly improve body tone
■Strengthen core muscles

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