Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pickleball: Fitness For People of All Ages

Five regular pickleball players showed up on Sunday night. Barry brought his girlfriend Edie to learn how to play. I explained to her how to score as most new players are confused with the scores, especially the last number is a server number 1 or 2, the receiving side cannot score a point, and you call your own score number first.

We welcome new players !!! Pickleball is a sport suitable for people of all ages:

Seniors - More new senior players like Bill, Peter, Michelle and Joyce have joined us to play pickleball and enjoying it to get in shape and have fun.

Adults - A lot of adults discovered pickleball by seeing and hearing pickleball from the fitness and track level above the pickleball courts. Some young adults have asked Mike to teach them after seeing how good he can play. Mike has inspired a new generation of young adult players.

Children - Many children like Jacob, Brandon, Yeep are very good pickleball players. They can invite their friends to play with them and inspire more children to play pickleball.

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