Monday, December 12, 2016

Pickleball Injuries

Yesterday a player was injured by a pickleball hitting his eye.  His partner was returning a hard hitting ball and the ball went sideways which hit his eye. Although he was wearing eyeglasses, the impact was too great that his right eye vision is still blurry. If his vision does not get better, he should see a doctor.  Anyone injured should file an injury report.

I have seen eye, knee, tennis elbow, hand, ankle, rotator cuff, achilles tendon, strains and sprains injuries. One player was hit in her eye and had floaters in her eye which the doctor said is permanent.  She wore safety glasses after that.  Many players fall when ruuning too fast to hit a ball or twisted their ankles when running and turning.  One player injured her hand after a fall, she had surgery because her hand had broken bones, she still cannot play pickleball.  Read article: Prevent pickleball injuries and be prepared to have fun

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