Friday, November 4, 2016

2nd 16 Player Round Robin Tournament at ARC

Due to popular request, players enjoyed the last one so much, we held the 2nd Round Robin random doubles tournament with 16 players, 7 games in two hours. Players may share the spot with another player if they cannot play all the games without rest (play alternate games). Players include Bill (shared with Bert), Catherine, Kathy, Allison (shared with Henrietta), Ralph, Lorrie, Chris, Carol, Jean, RobT, Bob, Don, Lorie B, Bill M, Mel and Eric. I was the scorekeeper.Top 3 winners received ribbons. Total scores of the top 3 players:
#1 - Ralph, won 6 games, total score 75
#2 - Bob, won 6 games, total score 69

#3 - Mel, won 5 games, total score 69
For many players, this was their first tournament, they told me they enjoyed it so much. Even players who played in tournaments enjoyed the competition with different players and meeting new friends !!! We had coffee and snacks afterwards.

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