Friday, September 5, 2014

Huge Growth of Pickleball in Private/Public facilities in Canada

Huge Growth of Pickleball in Private/Public facilities in Canada 
Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in Canada due to the increasing number of pickleball players and new pickleball clubs and groups forming. New pickleball courts and programs are gaining popularity in both private and public facilities. Many cities/ municipalities and club/groups have painted pickleball lines on tennis courts and/or built dedicated pickleball courts. Public facilities include schools, churches, YMCA/YWCA, Recreation and Community Centres which have drop-in pickleball programs. Private facilities offering pickleball include tennis and golf clubs, fitness centres and senior retirement communities. Below are some private and public facilities which are providing new pickleball courts and programs for the increasing number of pickleball players in their communities.

Agassiz, B.C - City built full size gymnasium for New Pickleball Courts: 

The Community Recreation & Cultural Centre in Agassiz, BC has recently undergone a major expansion that has included a full size gymnasium which will include pickleball. Construction is expected to be completed in early September and they are planning the activities/sports which will include pickleball in the fall schedule and programming.

Port Alberni, B.C. Slammers Gym building Six New Courts: 

Vancouver Island has seen a huge growth of pickleball players and new clubs forming. Port Alberni is the only city on Vancouver Island without a pickleball club. The owner of Slammers Gym in Port Alberni is investing $400,000 to build six new pickleball courts and two volleyball/basketball courts. Port Alberni players will have up to six new courts to use this summer.

Winnipeg, MB - Getting Pickleball started at the YMCA/YWCA:

YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg, South Branch is offering new Pickleball Time on Wednesday's 1:00-2:30pm. They would like to arrange for a Representative/Coach to do a demo/clinic if possible to get 'the ball rolling' in September.

Regina Beach, Sask. - The Town of Regina Beach, Saskatchewan wants to introduce Pickleball in the Regina Beach community. They are looking for a representative/coach to host Pickleball workshops in the fall and winter months.

Port Dover, Ontario - Adult Lifestyle Community built Four New Outdoor Courts: 
The Dover Coast Adult Lifestyle Community has completed four new dedicated outdoor pickleball courts. Twenty-three members of the St. Thomas Pickleball Club travelled to Port Dover in July and introduced the sport of pickleball to their residents. 

Oshawa, ON - New outdoor pickleball courts in Oshawa, ON:

Pickleball court lines have been added to the outdoor tennis courts in Alexandra Park (4 courts) and Stonestreet Park (2 courts). Oshawa Tennis Club is planning to build a new facility in partnership with a soccer club and would like to include Pickleball in their multisport facility.

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