Monday, November 14, 2011

University of the Fraser Valley - Pickleball Program

UFV Pickleball: Thursday 4 -5 pm
Pickleball University by Grant Brittain:
Last week I had the great opportunity to attend a Pickleball session at our local University, or UFV. I didn't even know that a pickleball group existed there until I was invited to bring some paddles and balls to their group by their pickleball promoter: Bill Neudorff. Bill had mentioned that they usually average 8-12 players for their 1 hour session comprised of Faculty, staff, and students. Either there was a news that an outsider was attending, or they were new people excited about pickleball ( I choose the latter) there were 25-30 pickleballers in attendance. After giving some correction to their net heights, and some mistaken rules, I was able to give some instruction to this great group of players. The gym coordinator was overjoyed at the response, and even played along for the games, and was excited for the new outlet and sport to be offered at UFV. The students have a UPASS that allows them to use any rec center in Abbotsford free, and invited them to our nightly pickleball sessions to further their game. They play Thursdays from 4-5 pm in the gym, but according to the gym coordinator they are looking at extending the time.

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