Thursday, September 8, 2011

ARC Meeting on Tuesday Sept 13, 3:30 pm

Please note:
ARC Meeting on Tuesday Sept 13, 3:30 pm with coordinators Laura Kerr and Ryan Coreau. All players are welcomed to attend to ask questions and give feedback.

Last Tuesday afternoon, many players were upset that we only had 4 courts, many players were waiting to play. ARC staff said that we will only get 4 courts for the fall because there were other activities scheduled. Since we usually have about 40 players, we need 8 courts.

Pat emailed Laura requesting 8 courts. Pat said "I find it difficult to believe that such a popular activity would see the courts availability cut down without any consultation with the group that supports the activity and is loyal to playing at ARC. We have been actively promoting Pickleball and now have players that travel from South Surrey/Whiterock, Langley, Chilliwack and even Lynden WA to play competitive games with the group. No court availability would mean that players will no longer travel here if they virtually get no playing time." Many other players also expressed their frustrations over this problem. Laura told me she will look into it.

Laura said "I have looked into the schedule and have been able to move around several programs that will allow both gymnasiums to be used for Pickleball on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons".

Laura is also currently in the process of programming for the January-June session and she may be able to change the evening sessions to different nights than the afternoon sessions.

Today we get our 8 courts back and everyone is happy !!!

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