Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Pickleball Canada Member Pete Darvill

New Pickleball Canada Member Pete Darvill by Dave Shepherd (Photo of Pete's friends trying out Pete's new USAPA portable net, looks fantastic!!)
Pete Darvill is a golfing friend of mine who joined Pickleball Canada recently. I introduced Pete to pickleball about one year ago. He plays in Ladner and Richmond about 3 times per week, also plays in Cloverdale maybe once a week. He also plays golf 5 days a week with me. He also plays baseball and racquetball although golf and pickleball are his main sports today.

He grew frustrated at trying to get a local municipality to convert an unused tennis court to pickleball so he bought a portable net from USAPA as well as a chalk line and constructs his own outdoor court any time he needs to. Having played some outdoor games in Mesa, he wanted to have that opportunity here as well as the indoor facilities. Now he can play anytime, anywhere in Canada and USA.
The net is the $140.00 net from USAPA website.
Congratulations, Pete and welcome to Pickleball Canada!!

Delta Parks and Rec are in the process of revitalising the 3 tennis courts at Cromie Park [adjacent to Ladner elementary School] and are willing to line some PBall courts! They will be painting the lines in order to accomodate both tennis and pickleball!!!

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