Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bill Vroom - Biography of Pickleball Player

Bill Vroom was born in the Netherlands in 1929. He came from a large family of 10 boys and 3 girls. They lived on a farm and Bill enjoyed milking cows.

During the war in 1945, the Germans bombed a big hole in his family's farm and flooded their house. People had no food. Some people came to get food at his farm and some were hiding there. The Germans pointed a gun to his Dad's head and asked to see his papers, he showed them false papers, luckily they believed him.

At age 17, he came to Canada with two brothers and the rest of his family came a year later. He married his wife in 1953 and they have five children, 23 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Bill was a home builder in Oshawa, Whitby and Bowmanville of Ontario, he owned a construction company. He moved to B.C. about two and a half years ago.

At age 64, Bill had prostate cancer and underwent surgery. That was 17 years ago, so he is a cancer survivor. His wife has Alzheimer's and they live in Manor House which provides home cooked meals for seniors.

Bill has played pickleball for two years. He is very friendly, active and fit, he can jump up to hit a ball hard like a strong younger man. He is a kind gentleman who brought a lot of food for our snack time. He has an excellent memory and he can add numbers very fast. I was impressed when he helped me to add up the scores of our round robin tournament in seconds (most people need a calculator) really incredible!

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