Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Successful Mixed Round Robin Tournament

Winners of Tournament: Dave, Matt and Ganbat

Round Robin Doubles Tournament (each player played with a different partner in each game): 16 players played 6 games in two hours. Andre, Dave, Mike, Shirley, Ken, Pat, Matt, Carol, Ganbat, George, Gord, Bill, Casey, Jerry, Terry and Rhys (13 men and 3 women). Everyone enjoyed many competitive games with mostly advanced players.
Matt won the first prize ribbon and a jar of 'pickles'. Dave won the second prize ribbon. Ganbat won the third prize ribbon.
Total scores of the top 8 players:
#1 - Matt 66
#2 - Dave 62
#3 - Ganbat 61
#4 - Andre - 57
#5 - Rhys - 53
#6 - Jerry 50
#7 = George 46 tie
#7 - Terry 46 tie
#8 - Ken 45
There were an additional 16 players filling up the other four courts. Unfortunately we were unable to use both gyms for our tournament so I will arrange another round robin tournament in one or two months.

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