Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Make Pickleball Go International?

Eight courts were filled with about 26 players. I played some competitive games with Henry, Ganbat, Jerry, Annette, Mike, Pat, Vern, Linda, Jane and Danny. Terry and Anne are on vacation in Scotland. Anne came from a small town called Kirriemuir in Scotland and so did my husband Dave. Dave and I have been back to Scotland many times. I like to visit all the old castles. Kirriemuir is a nice small town with red stone buildings (large stone walls 3' wide so window ledges 3' wide) and narrow cobblestone streets where there used to be horses hundreds of years ago instead of cars. British people never heard of 'pickleball', someone should introduce pickleball to Britain and make an international pickleball tournament.

Dave said Britain does not have the facilities for pickleball. Neither does China but China has a lot of badminton clubs. A few young people tried pickleball in China. When there are more people learned pickleball and enjoy it, they will create new facilities for the sport they love, just like people in USA turning tennis courts and badminton courts, even parking lots into pickleball courts.

Henry and Barry played with two new young men who played very well. Young players can pick up this game easily. Two other new players Vern and Linda are from Langley and they came to play three times. Linda told me they found our pickleball site on Google (the power of the internet) and it looked like we are a friendly group so they decided to come to play in Abbotsford. They joined us at our last snack time and at the meeting. She said it proved right that we are a friendly group of people (great to hear that!!). They played very well because they played pickleball in 'The Villages' in Florida (pickleball paradise with 108 pickleball courts).

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