Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tournament Photos at ARC June 26, 2010

Players were arriving as early as 7:30am and our tournament was finished at about 5:00 pm. We had 90 competitors from all over B.C. including Nanaimo, Ladner, Port Moody, Kelowna, Chilliwack, South Surrey, and a team of about ten volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the day. Food and beverages were available to players all day: Muffins, donuts for breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, appetizers, fruit platters, desserts for lunch, snacks were available for the rest of the day. We all needed the nutritrious food to keep our energy up for so many competitive games. Eight courts were in constant play for the entire day. We were glad to watch a lot of advanced 5+ skill level players performing their excellent skills, talent and experience.

Congratulations to all the medal winners !!!! Congratulations to our five Abbotsford players who won third place bronze medals: Rod Koch and Henry Meerkerk (Mens Doubles 55+), Matt Koning and Nathan Krabberdam (Mens Doubles under 55) and Mandy Witt (Ladies Doubles under 55) !!!

Players commented on our excellent facility at Abbotsford Recreation Centre, ARC, our superb customer service, delicious food and our friendliness and hospitality. Players were able to meet new pickleball friends from other areas. I was delighted to meet people who enjoyed reading our blog. Overall, everyone had a great time !!!!

Mixed Doubles under 55 - Gold: Zhekhovsky/Zhekhovskaya, Silver: Iggulden/Iggulden, Bronze: Pitcher/Pitcher

Ladies Doubles 55+ - Gold: Edwards/Postler, Silver: Copp/Hill, Bronze: Robinson/Wheatley

Mens Doubles 55+ - Gold: Kusch/Touchet, Silver: Copland/Skinner, Bronze: Meerkerk/Koch

Ladies Doubles under 55 - Gold: Iggulden/Zhekovsky, Silver: Yey/Choy, Bronze: Pitcher/Witt

Mens Doubles under 55 - Gold: Beckwith/Zhekovsky


  1. Hi Shirley!
    Just a qucik note to the photos: the 5th photo from the top is mixed doubles, not men's doubles as it is indicated. The winners for mixed doubles under 55 are: Zhekhovskiy/Zhekhovskaya (Gold), Iggulden/Iggulden (Silver), and Pitcher/Pitcher (Bronze).

    Thanks for the photos!!!

  2. Hi Denis,
    Thanks for informing me about this error. It has now been corrected. Glad you enjoy the photos. It was nice to talk to you and your mom. We enjoyed watching you play. Thanks for your feedback and comment.


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