Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi from sunny Arizona

Thanks for the great updates on the Abby PB Blog, you guys are doing a great job of keeping we "sunny birds" informed and updated. We are playing Pickleball just about every day on our 6 outdoor courts at Venture Out Resort Park in Mesa, just outside Phoenix. We have about 350 members in the VO PB club. We have scambles for A & B players each saturday and mixed doubles play on sunday. During the week Mandy and I play in separate Ladder PB games. Each ladder consist of 3 games with the same people but rotate partners for each game. We then record how many games each person has won out of the three.
Other than PB we are involved in many different clubs and activities, including silversmithing, hiking, electronics club, dancing, sewing, potluck dinners, golfing and of course happy hours and pool time. We love being busy and making new friends and cheering our Olympic Canuck teams. About 30% of the roughly 3000 people in the park are from Canada, primarily the western provences. Check our Blog at for pictures and more info. Ken & Mandy Witt

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