Thursday, January 28, 2010

Courts All Full of Players Thursday NIght

Pickleball explosion in Abbotsford! There were about 40 pickleball players came to play on Thursday night, four courts were full and people waiting to play so four more courts were open. They were mostly younger players (young adults, family with kids), full of energy, eager to learn and having lots of fun. I played with Jacob, about 12 years old, he played very well. I also had fun playing with three younger players, two were learning but they can hit hard and they were laughing hard when they scored a point that they really enjoyed the game. They were happy to get the free Olympic flags. Mike and I were happy playing and giving out flags. Scientific proof that 'Happiness Is Contagious' is true and happiness can improve your health.

Last Sunday night all eight courts were also full of players. Since the introduction of the new Thur. and Sunday pickleball evening times, there have been about two hundred new players came to learn pickleball and enjoying it.

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