Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why should I play Pickleball???

PICKLEBALL - Strange name...great game:)

Truthfully up until a year ago I had never heard of Pickleball. It wasn't until I was asked to help develop the Pickleball drop-in at the Abbotsford Recreation Center that I fell in love with this great sport, as has every other single person that I've introduced to Pickleball.

  1. This is a sport for all ages --- At first I believed this sport to be for the seniors crowd that we were running the drop-in for; which is an ideal aerobic exercise to get the arms and legs moving. But then teens and young adults would come by the gym windows after classes wanting to play, and so it was decided to drop the drop-in ages from 55+ to 16+ to allow for a greater introduction to the sport. My own 7 year old son Samuel gets great thrills out of hitting the ball over the net with me, and it helps to develop hand-eye coordination and patience in him. I've heard stories of some of the greatest players that could easily beat any youthful player and are in their 80's! Whatever your age or playing ability, Pickleball is a great sport to get you moving, get exercise, or play for the competitiveness.
  2. Huge cardio workout --- The first time you play Pickleball, you realize that you can get just about any level of cardio exercise that you want. Are you looking for a super cardio workout? Grab a partner that is roughly the same skill level (or higher) and play a game or 2 of singles. In singles the lines are the same as doubles play using the badminton courts outside lines. Small court space, quick fast volleys, deep lunges get your heart rate up in a hurry. You'll be sweating profusely in no time! If you're wanting an easier pace, play doubles. Just grab 3 other players, and have fun hitting the ball back and forth. Singles requires you to focus on yourself, while doubles allows you and your partner to depend on each other, and there is more possibilty for learning new skills with the other players.
  3. Low Co$t --- Grab a pair of tennis shoes or running shoes that will support your ankles, a t-shirt and maybe a pair of shorts or loose fitting pants and your pretty much set. The only pickleball equipment needed is the paddle. Most Rec. centers will have wooden paddles to use free of charge, or you can purchase your own. Pickleball paddles vary in price from $40 - $80 CDN, made from aluminum, or graphite. Since there is no strings to break, you make a 1 time purchase and you're usually good for life. The 3 main pickleball paddle manufacturers are: S-Type Sports, Pro-lite Sports, and Pickleball.

Pickleball is a sport for all ages, offers great cardio exercise, and is lo-co$t? Doesn't that sound like a great sport? See you soon on the courts:)

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