Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Pickleball Potluck Dinner


  1. What a great selection of yummy dishes, and what a great time socializing and getting to know teammates and competitors. Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Hi Shirley and the Abbey Pickleball Group.

    I have posted your social to the Pickleball Canada website. I would like to do an article in our next newsletter on your group. I love the social aspect you have built in and the fact that you use a blog to communicate with your players.

    If you would not mind contacting me a rwroswell@gmail.com, or forward a short write up to this e-mail address, I would really appreciate it.

    Wayne Roswell, Pickleball Canada

  3. Hi Wayne,
    Thanks for your email and thank you for posting our blog to the Pickleball Canada website. We have a social snack time every Tuesday after pickleball, we take turns in providing the snacks. We had a potluck dinner last September before the snowbirds left and another this past Tuesday to celebrate Christmas with our pickleball friends. The weekly snack time gives the opportunity for socializing and discussing pickleball news, tournaments, T-shirt designs etc. Each week there are more people looking in our blog for news about our group and it allows us to put current photos and videos of our group on the blog the same day. It would be great that you do an article in your next newsletter on our group. If you need more information, please email me, Ken or Grant. Shirley

    Abbotsville Pickleball Club have their own blogsite to publish information for their club. What a great use of a blog! Shirley also posts videos of players in action for everyone to see. This is unique and I congratuate them for doing this. Click on the link below to see http://pickleballcanada.org/

  4. I notified Wayne that Abbotsville should be Abbotsford.

  5. Read more: http://pickleballcanada.org/
    Christmas Pickleball Potluck Dinner in Abbey -
    Players at the Abbotsford Pickleball Club celebrate Christmas with a Pickleball Potluck Dinner.
    I would like to congratulate Shirley and the Abby Club for establishing their own blog to share their fun times with everyone.


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