Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1st annual Abbotsford Pickleball Tournament

1st Annual Abbotsford Pickleball Tournament!!!

Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? For a group that has been only going for 1 year, and already wanting to host a tournament for all to come to Abbotsford, WOW!!!
So here's our dilemna...We know we'd like to host it mid to late April, so that the returning snowbirds can be a part of the excitement, and fuel the entrants. Our dilemna is this: We can have it at Abbotsford Recreation Center our new facility where we currently play, but can't have it on Saturday, as that day is such a hot commodity to the public. We can have it though all day on a Sunday. The other possibility is having it at the other place where we temporarily played pickleball while the gym floors were being redone: Ex park (Agrifair) where we can have a saturday. I believe their are pro's and cons to both locations: seating, lighting, floor surface. Give me some feedback as to what you think we should proceed, so I can firm up the date ASAP. Abby Pickleball players are the Greatest!!


  1. Sunday at ARC gets our votes because the lighting, floor surface at Ag-Rec building are not good. Why play in an old facility when we are fortunate enough to have a brand new facility. Sunday would attract more spectators and new players to ARC...Dave and Shirley

  2. Question for Grant, how many courts do we play on for a tournament, if it is 4 then there is not much room for spectators!!! Even so my vote goes to ARC, we have a chance to show off our great facilities and get more exposure to the public.
    Ken & Mandy

  3. Grant, this is Steve from S-Type Sports and I would love to go visit and play in your tournament if the scheduling works out. Let me know if you decide to do it on a Saturday and I can drive up to play with you or someone else. By the way, great website and thanks for promoting the wonderful sport of pickleball in your area. Regards, Steve Wong

  4. Steve, we will let you know if the tournament will be on a Saturday or Sunday. Grant sells S-type racquets and I have switched from a Elite racquet to a S-type racquet which I like better.

  5. Grant ,What date is the 1st. Tournie proposed ,us snowbirds will be returning first week in April..
    Allan and Julie Turner


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