Sunday, May 30, 2021

Abbotsford Pickleball at Jubilee Park

 It has been a long time since I updated this blog. I have been busy with other things and I play pickleball outdoors even during this difficult pandemic time. I have cut my own hair for 15 months since the lockdown and I hope to go back to my hair salon soon. I have not eaten inside a restaurant since last March and only eat takeout and homemade foods and I have only been to the dentist once because of the pandemic. I wear my mask and gloves when I go shopping. I sanitize everything like pickleball paddle and balls and even my car's sterling wheel, keys and doors. It seems to be a crazy time nowadays. The Covid restrictions are gradually easing and hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

ARC is open for indoor Singles Pickleball with advance booking for only one hour.  Outdoor pickleball at Jubilee Park in Abbotsford is busy everyday with players enjoying the outdoor play.  Most are advanced and intermediate players but a lot of new players are learning this new sport. 

Yesterday I taught a young couple the rules and scoring and they learned very quickly after one game. They are competitive tennis players so they played extremely well. I also played with a new player who has played tennis for 50 years so he also played very well. It is surprising how many tennis players are now playing pickleball and enjoying it. Most people enjoy to play pickleball outdoors in order to get some exercise during this pandemic period since outdoor is safer than indoor play. It is so nice to meet new and old friends and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and nice breeze outside. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

10th ARC Christmas Pickleball Potluck Party

10th ARC Christmas Pickleball Potluck Party with about 60 players. We enjoyed so many delicious foods: appetizers, devilled eggs, shrimps, pizza, samosa, finger foods and desserts. Thank you to Gerry, Phyllis and carol singers from Chilliwack Pickleball playing and singing Christmas carols for us. It was a wonderful fun time together!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pickleball Websites and Books

Pickleball Websites Chilliwack area info places to play in Chilliwack area BC info - join for free, find places to play in BC. tournaments  Canadian Pickleball info USA and world info

Beginning Basics of Pickleball 3 short beginner videos on basics (a must watch before you begin playing)
Wall drills broken into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

More Information
The following 2 instructors are 5.0 skill level, great for beginners & advanced players
Deb Harrison youtude videos 20+ short training videos
Sarah Ansbury youtube videos 15+ short training videos

Great Books – amazon / ebay
Smart Pickleball by Prem Carnot - the pickleball guru (163 pages)
Pickleball Fundamentals by USA Pickleball Association with Mary Littlewood (159 pages)

Just published: History of Pickleball - More Than 50 Years of Fun!  Available on Paperback $24.95 by Jennifer Lucore  (Author), Beverly Youngren  (Author)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

2018 USAPA Nationals

Nationals $75,000 Prize Money Breakdown

2018 USAPA Nationals pays equal across the board regardless of age and gender. Each open (under age 50) and senior open (50+) singles, mixed doubles and gender doubles players were paid the same for 1st through 4th place finishes.

1st place = $2,250
2nd place = $1,300
3rd place = $750
4th place = $400

Note: prize money total is actually $75,200!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

ARC Gym Closures Aug 31 to Sept 14, 2018

There will be no pickleball in ARC from August 31 to September 14 because it is scheduled to resurface the wooden surface of Gym 1 and Gym 2.  Players can play pickleball outdoors in Jubilee Park in Abbotsford.   The swimming pool and Multi Purpose room 1 (exercise room) at ARC will also be closed for annual maintenance.

55+ BC Games Sept 11-15, 2018

55+ BC Games
Sept 11-15  
Pickleball: Kinsmen Arena   
For more information:

Pickle in the Park 2018

Pickle in the Park 2018
08/18/18 - 08/19/18
Jubilee Park, Abbotsford, BC