Friday, October 28, 2011

New Pro-Lite and Spike Paddles

Thursday afternoon 8 courts were full of players: Henry, Barry, Andre, George, Claire, Nigel, Leslie, Tom, Al, Bill, Catherine, Joyce, Iris, Henrietta, Herb, Linda, Brian, Jerry Rudoplh, Dutch Jerry, Hermann, Ken, Mandy, Mat, Pat, Grant, Warren, Allan, Ganbat, Dave, Mike and me. Warren is a new player who can play very well. Hermann is back from Europe selling his hand made violins and violas in France and Italy. Nigel and Lesley came back from their trip to northern India where they saw people bathing in the Ganges.

There are many more new paddles on the market now. I bought a new paddle Pro-Lite Blaster from Grant. At first I tried a Spike ZZT and it felt very light (I think it's made of aluminium), the grip is smaller but it was hard to get used to the lightness. Some ladies bought this paddle. Then I tried the Pro-Lite Blaster which hits well and has a colorful image so I bought it.

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