Thursday, November 3, 2011

20 New Pickleball Players This Week

All 8 courts were full of players on Tuesday afternoon, four new players: Tina, John, Margaret and her husband. Grant taught them for an hour and they pretty well know how to play the game afterwards. Later Mandy and I played a couple of games with Tina and Margaret and they really enjoyed it. Thanks to George and Claire for bringing the fresh red grapes and cookies, enjoyed by about 25 players.

Tuesday evening was full of mostly energetic younger players: Nathan, two Mike, Matt, two Warrens, 5 new players. Grant brought more new players from his church and introduced them to the game.

Wednesday's New to Pickleball was all full of players, at least 5 new players. Catherine and Allan were very busy teaching them.

Thursday afternoon was full with about 36 players, some waiting time to play, at least four new players: Wendy and Greg from Toronto visiting her mom Henrietta, Wendy is in Yoga apparel business and she will attend a trade show next week in Vancouver. A new line of her products is bamboo socks that made from bamboo, are naturally antibacterial, so they don't smell, interesting !!! About 20 players enjoyed some snacks and coffee. Tom bought 4 dozens of brown eggs from Al who has a hobby farm.
At night four courts were full of players. Mike and I taught new players Robert and Victor. Robert is a CGA, Victor is a real estate agent, so they can only play in the evenings.

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