Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Pickleball, Coffee Time with Friends

About 22 players on Thursday afternoon with many new players, Hank and his wife Emma, George and Claire...Joel and I taught four new players. One new player Leo from California is an excellent player, his brother Don played last Tuesday for the first time. Don is from Salt Springs Island, he plans to start a pickleball program in the new Community Centre there. After pickleball, we all have coffee and chat with each other for two hours. Last Thursday about 16 players also stayed for coffee afterwards that we all want to start a Thursday coffee time as well as Tuesday's snack and coffee time.

At night four courts were full with about 20 players, Grant, Matt, Mike, Emily and her friend and many other new players. Dave, Mike and I taught four new players with attendant Jimmy's assistance. New players were so happy to learn how to play a game because rallying can be pretty boring. Tonight was very cold outside -4 C.

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