Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Round Robin Tournament Winners

Tournament Winners: First Place: Mike, Second: Jerry, Third: Casey

Round Robin Tournament with 16 players played 6 games in two hours. Catherine, Ben, Joan, Bill, Herman, Richard, Terry, Casey, Pat, Mike, Dean, Annette, John, Tom, Jerry, and Dennis. My son Mike won the first prize ribbon and a jar of 'pickles'. Jerry won the second prize ribbon. Casey won the third prize ribbon. Unbelivably four players tied for 4th place and two tied for 5th place.
Total scores of the top 9 players:
#1 - Mike 66
#2 - Jerry 64
#3 - Casey 59
#4 - Terry - 50 tie for 4th
#5 - Ben - 50 tie for 4th
#6 - John 50 tie for 4th
#7 = Tom 50 tie tie for 4th
#7 - Annette 48 tie for 5th
#8 - Pat 48 tie for 5th
After doing so many round robin tournaments, it looks like it does help to rank players quite well. Mike and Jerry are definitely A players so they won first and second place. The other players seem to score higher or lower according to their skill levels. Everyone had a great time today with lots of fun and competition !!!
ARC meeting with Kim Wilkinson is postponed till next week.

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