Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pickleball Helps to Cure Back Pain

About 23 players Tuesday afternoon, 3 new players Hank, Sheila and Michelle's daughter Page. Mike played with Page who played very well for the first time. I played with Sheila and Hank who is an excellent player. Other excellent players: Matt, Ben, George, Jerry, Terry, Rhys, Casey, Dave, Mike, Pat, Annette. We all enjoyed Tom's delicious cheesecake, fig bars, chocolates and red grapes at our happy snack and coffee time with friendly chats among good friends.

Many players told me that playing pickleball helps to cure their back pain. Some golfers with back pain found that their back pain is gone after playing pickleball regularly. Playing pickleball is very good exercise, playing two hours twice a week help to strengthen back muscles to make it stronger. Weak muscles get sore easily. So many people found that they just have fun playing pickleball and their back pain is gone, they also get in shape and feel great!!!


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