Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BC Seniors Games & Pickleball report

What an exciting time we had in Campbell River on Vanc.Island at the Senior Games. There were 5 of us (Mandy, Jane, Carol, Henry & Ken) who participated in either competitive or recreational play. We were then divided into age categories of 5yr increments, plus doubles, mixed double or singles. We all came top / gold in our respective categories, so, sweet success and lots of fun games with healthy and keen competition from all competitors. We played 7 games on Thursday and 10 games on Friday. Some of use participated in a 3 hr. training clinic to leave a Pickleball legacy with about 12 Campbell River keener s for on Sat. morning so PB can grow and be a force in future BC Senior games.
About 3500 seniors turned out to take part in all types of sports activities in the Comox, Courtney and Campbell River communities. It was a grand time with amazing Opening Ceremonies, banquets, dances and general all round fun times, even Elvis appeared to wow the ladies with his old favorites.. Pics to follow....

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  1. Thanks for the report on the Senior Games Ken!
    We are all a little jealous of the great time you all had.
    Maybe next year we can get a larger Abby contingent!!


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