Tuesday, September 28, 2010

25 Players Attended Our Pot Luck Dinner

About 25 players joined us at our Pot Luck dinner. It was so nice to try new cuisine made by our friends. Michelle made a large Mediterranean pie with spinach, ham, cheese in a puff pastry which looked so fantastic. Pat baked Thai spicy fillings in a wonton wrapper. Gerry made three kinds of cheese baked on a half roll appetizers. Joyce made a tasty spinach salad. Mandy's Caesar salad with her homemade dressing was so good that I got her recipe. I made sausages, meatballs, carrots and pototoes. Mike brought sliced tomatoes and cheese french bread. Other players brought some delicious dishes. There were two desserts: Julie made a lovely homemade rhubarb pie with ice cream, and we also enjoyed Tom's lemon cake. Everyone enjoyed the food and had a great time !!!

I gave a big hug to Julie and Allan because they will be going to Arizona in a couple of weeks and we will miss them for six months. We also will miss other snowbirds including Gerry and Danny who became our new good friends. I forgot to take a photo of the group, then we took some photos after many players had already left.

At night eight courts were open with about 12 players. We were so glad to see Nomi that Mike and I played two games with her and Nathan, she played very well. Matt, Mike K.and Chris played with Mike while Nomi and I chatted about life in general.

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