Thursday, September 23, 2010

28 Players Thursday, Welcome 3 New Players

Eight courts were full with about 28 players on a rainy Thursday afternoon. Three new players: two young men rallied very well, one is called Craig, I forgot the other's name. I asked them to come back and I will teach them. Jim is another new player who played very well, he moved very fast and fell (he's ok) and we just laughed about it. He wants to buy a new paddle. He played it many years ago as a school teacher. I played two games with him and he learned how to score very quickly (he still has to learn dings and not to volley in the kitchen). Dave, Mike and I had coffee and chat with Jim, Ken and Al after pickleball. It seems like we have a very friendly group of enthusiastic pickleball players.

At night there were about 10 players. Ken was teaching three kids who played very well for the first time, they could even do vollies. He also taught two young adults. Dave, Mike, Ken and I played many enjoyable games.

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