Thursday, August 19, 2010

A New System needed for Tuesday Afternoon

About 23 players showed up Thursday afternoon. Many players told me they disliked that new system "A","B","R" last Tuesday and asked to change it. One player said "I would rather play somewhere else if we use that system." Another player said "I knew it won't work before it started", another said "people were rude and hogging the courts", another said "it created divisions and made enemies"....etc.

So far we tried three systems: the first one was to put your name on the board after the game which some players refused to put their names down and played their own games. The second was the one long lineup seat system which worked the best (one player told me South Surrey uses this system and it works well). The third was the court A, B and 'recreational' which created divisions and a lot of unhappy players.

Tonight eight courts were open with a lot of kids having fun playing. I had so much fun playing many close games with Grant against Mike and Gene !!!

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