Thursday, August 5, 2010

30 Players Thursday, Welcome 6 New Players

Four courts were filled with about 30 players Thursday afternoon so a dozen players were waiting to play. We finally opened up the other four courts after one young person who was practising basketball on the other gym refused to let us play even though we let her play for another half hour.

We welcomed six new players. Three new players who did not get to play on Tuesday (Brian and his dad Jim, Matt's wife Pat) because there were not sufficient courts available, they came back to play today and they really enjoyed it. Two more new players Denny and Gerry played extremely well because they play racquetball. It was nice to see Jane's daughter Robin from Calgary playing here again.

We will be requesting ARC to open all eight courts on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

At night all four courts were full of players. Michelle played with her grandson. I played a close game with Barry against Mike and Nathan which was fun.

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