Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four Courts Too Crowded for 30 Players Tuesday

Today's weather was thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Four courts at ARC were full with about 30 players that a dozen people were waiting to play. Many players complained about the waiting because we usually could open four more courts but some kids were playing soccer there. Some players left early due to the waiting.

People complained that some players continue to play after finishing their game and not let other people play. We made a system to line up players in seats so that the players who finished their game must sit at the back of the seat line. Players who waited the longest at the front of the seat line will play at the next available court. Most players liked this system. We also played the game to 9 only so people can finish their games quickly.

Six players came from Chilliwack: Elaine, Dorothy, Kathy and her daughter, Carol and her 16 year old grand-daughter who is a new player.

There were at least six new players, two of them said they tried it at the pickleball demo before but they were intimidated by too many people waiting so they didn't play, I asked them to come back on Thursday. I taught a new player Matt who has a strong groundstroke because he plays racquetball and he learned the game quickly. He said "There is less running and quite an easy and fun game". His wife is a new player but she didn't play because so many people were waiting, she watched and said "I will come back to play on Thursday".

About 20 players gathered at our coffee and snacks time. We can hardly believe that Bill has 23 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Julie and I usually make the coffee, we have to make two pots of coffee for so many people. Thanks to Michelle who brought cookies and a large tray of fresh vegetables with dips (carrot, brocolli, peas, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes) that were so delicious and very healthy !!!

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