Friday, July 27, 2012

Thanks for your Feedback on 2012 National Championship

We are extremely happy to receive the high number of positive feedback and outpouring of thank you emails.  Your comments and suggestions will be noted and considered for our future events.  
Thanks very much for your feedback.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.  


  1. Hello Shirley and Abby pickleball players!
    Congrats local players, so proud of you. We are in Alberta tending to aging parents. Wish we were there. We are playing near Edmonton when we can. Would like some feedback on issue that came up the other day. A ball was lobbed by opposition. I could see that it was going to come down in nvz close to the net. Went into the nvz, waited for the ball to bounce then returned it. A fault was called. I was told I could not go into the nvz until the ball bounced. Also told that I could not leave nvz until the opposition returned the ball. Am confused. Looked up rules in USA Int. Rules and could not locate these rules. Please advise. Thanks so much. See you all in the fall. Cheers, Denise and Gord Griffin

  2. Hi Denise and Gord, So nice to hear from you. You did the right thing. A fault should not be called. You can go into and leave the NVZ at anytime. There is no IFP rule that said you could not go into the nvx until the ball bounced and leave nvz until the opponents retuned the ball. IFP Rule 9.E. A player may enter the nvz at any time except when that player is volleying the ball. There is no violation if your partner returns the ball while you are standing in the nvz. A player may enter the nvz before or after returning any ball that bounces.
    IFP Rules 9.F. A player may stay inside the nvz to return balls that bounce. That is, there is no violation if a player does not exit the nvz after hitting a ball that bounces.
    Look forward to seeing you soon. Cheers, Shirley


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