Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank You Notes from our Pickleball Friends

We are very happy to receive many wonderful thank You notes from our Pickleball friends:
Christine from West Bank, B.C. wrote "I would like to thank Dave and Shirley for welcoming me, when I came and played with them.. I had a great time and met some wonderful people.. I HIGHLY recommend all of us going to another venue and playing there.. I will have to make a point of only coming down there on tues/ thur so I can play.. will make sure that next time I am in town i will come.. say hello to all for me.. C."
Jesse from Abbotsford wrote "Special thanks to Dave, Shirley, Mike, Grant for "letting my Dad and I" in to the group to learn this great sport."
Beryl from Surrey wrote "Thanks so much for welcoming us whenever we come to play in Abbotsford."
Terry from Scotland wrote "say hello to all at the pickleball, not getting any PB over here in Scotland but have been getting lots of golf and walking. We will be heading back in January and will get back to some pickleball then."

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