Friday, September 23, 2011

New Players and Back Pain Cure

We welcomed a new player Perry from Vancouver. Perry is Michelle's daughter and she is a busy mother of two. She started playing pickleball about two weeks ago and really enjoys it. At ARC, she can play pickleball, her daughter can skate. We enjoyed having them at snack time to chat about our life stories.

I met a new player Bill who started playing pickleball about 3 weeks ago. He played very well because he played tennis before.

Another new player told me that he learned pickleball in Las Vegas. He is five years from retirement and still works at a youth prison and they are teaching youths to play pickleball there. Pickleball is a good sport for youths!!

I heard from another new player who got rid of his back pain after he started playing pickleball for about three months. There are so many players got rid of their back pain from playing pickleball. One player told me that it certainly is cheaper than going to a chiropractor !!! More enjoyable too !!!

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