Friday, July 11, 2014

Photos of 2014 Pickleball Canada National Open Championship

55+ Mens Doubles:Parobec/Jmaaeff, Silver-Lam/Lum, Bronze-Paynter/Cho
55+Womens Doubles: Sawatsky/Welch, Silver-Beechinor/Dallas, Bronze-Kusch/Pool
60+Mens Doubles: Dimery/Scorgie, Silver-Mah/Perkin, Bronze-Lalonde/Timbers
60+Womens Doubles: Gold Jmaeff/Stern, Silver-Lerner/Orcutt, Bronze-Edwards/Postler
65+ Mixed Doubes: Gold-Ulis/McCallum, Silver-Saunders/Saunders, Bronze-Kusch/Parkes
70+ Womens Doubles: Gold-Betty Silver (Alaska)/Alice Tym(TN), Silver- Rees/Simpson (not present), Bronze-Merrie Lee(ON)/Barbara Miachika(FL)  Fantastic Canada/USA championship matches!!!

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