Friday, February 21, 2014

Pickleball Canada Affiliated Clubs and Club Memberships

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the world!!!  Canada and USA have over 100,000 pickleball players.  Pickleball is now played in many other countries including India, Mexico,Spain, Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

2013:  PIckleball Canada held its 2nd National Championship in July, 2013.  USAPA held its Nationals V in November, 2013.   India held its 1st National Tournament in December, 2013.

2014: The 3rd Pickleball Canada National Open Championship will be held in Abbotsford, BC on July 4 - 6, 2014. The USAPA Nationals VI will be held in Buckeye, AZ in November, 2014.  The first International Pickleball Tournament will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands in May 16-18, 2014. 

Pickleball Canada is very pleased that our member numbers have increased from 700 to 900.  This month we welcomed 3 new Club Memberships.   Pickleball Canada has six affiliated clubs with about 300 new PCO members. 

These are Pickleball Canada Affiliated Clubs:
Nanaimo Pickleball Club, Nanaimo, B.C.
Thompson Okanagan Pickleball Enthusiasts, Osoyoos, B.C.
Kamloops Pickleball Club, Kamloops, B.C.
East Dartmouth Community Centre Pickleball Club, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Collingwood Pickleball Club, Collingwood, Ontario
Fraser Valley Pickleball, Fraser Valley, B.C. 

Many other new clubs and groups are formed all over Canada: Vernon Pickleball Club, Vancouver Island Pickleball Association, Pickleball Chilliwack, Oceanside Pickleball Club, Pickleball Saskatchewan, London Pickleball Club in Ontario. 

Pickleball Canada members receive many member benefits including newsletters, tournament points, ratings, $5.00 discounts many PCO sanctioned tournaments: The Nationals in Abbotsford, BC, Mission, BC, Rosedale, BC, Osoyoos, BC.  There are 7 PCO sanctioned tournaments in 2014 which includes Kelowna and Nanaimo, BC and Ontario.   We would like to thank all our members for their support of Pickleball Canada !!! 

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