Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Pickleball Comes to the Netherlands

USAPA newsletter, submitted by Bill Hess, USAPA Ambassador, Cherokee County, Georgia:   On a recent business trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands, I had the opportunity to play pickleball with the Amsterdam Pickleball Players. They play Sunday afternoons at a very nice facility called the Sporthal Oostenburg. The indoor facility was excellent, with painted badminton courts using UASPA portable nets on an excellent playing surface. Most of the players are just learning the game, but they play with a lot athleticism, high energy and enthusiasm. Several of the more advanced players move from court to court giving pointers on playing the game. They are planning to host an International Pickleball Tournament in May, 2014. Check or go to their website, If you are planning a trip to the Netherlands it would be worthwhile to take your pickleball gear and spend an afternoon playing with this fun group. You can contact them at

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