Saturday, September 21, 2013

Results of Vernon Outdoor Pickleball Tournament

Results of Vernon Outdoor Pickleball Tournament September 14
Level 3.0
1. Jack Carriou, Vernon
2. Jackie Stakkestad, Vernon
3. Portia Dove, Kelowna
4. Pat Andrews, Vernon

Level 3.5 A Pool
1. Darrell Sherrin, Kelowna
2. Rob McDougal,Vernon
3. Helga Hepditch, Kelowna
4. Hans Skudelny,Kelowna

3.5 B
1. Tim Mah, Kamloops
2. Greg Thompson, Vernon
3. Bill Reid, Vernon
4. Carol Anderson, Vernon

3.5 C
1. Andy Bokogeorge, Kamloops
2. Hugh Gordon, Kelowna
3. Dave Schatz, Summerland
4. Graeme Neil, Kelowna

3.5 D
1. Manfred Wolf, Vernon
2. Jim Lissa, W.Kelowna
3. Michael Raulin, Kelowna
4. Susan Black, Kamloops

Level 4.0 A Pool
1 .Matt Stodola, Kamloops
2. David Clark, Surrey
3. June Lohner, Kelowna
4. Jill Jackson, Kelowna

4.0 B
1. Bryan Jackson, Kelowna
2. Eric Tyler, Kelowna
3. Wally Herrmann, Vernon
4. Ross Priebe, Surrey

4.0 C
1. Louis Lalonde, W.Kelowna
2. Ray Timbers, Kelowna
3. Chuck Barton, Peachland
4. Gilbert Guenette, Kelowna

Level 4.5
1. Michael Epp, Vernon
2. Jim Saunders, W.Kelowna
3. Grant Britton, Surrey
4. Doug Dimery, Kelowna

Overall Winners
1. Manfred Wolf, Vernon 92 points (a perfect score)
2. Bryan Jackson/Louis Lalonde, Kelowna 90 points
3. Michael Epp, Vernon 87 points
Top female-----June Lohner, Kelowna

The newly formed Vernon Pickleball Club held their first open invitational tournament this past Saturday at Paddlewheel Park A total of 72 players showed off their skills on a hot, beautiful Okanagan day. Many players came from out of town (Surrey, Abbotsford, Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna, etc...). The courts were lined with spectators. Many had never witnessed the game of Pickleball. Vernon Pickleball Club members are already planning to repeat this years success. VPC would like to thank Royal Volkswagen for the use of their event tent.

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