Thursday, September 27, 2012

5 New Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Abbotsford

Great news!!  We now have 5 outdoor pickleball courts in Abbotsford:
One pickleball court at Larch Park:    One outdoor pickleball court is on the tennis court at Larch Park which uses the existing tennis net.  Thanks to Grant to getting this one up and running successfully.
Three pickleball courts on basketball court at Yale Court:   Dave is pleased to let you know that he put in a request to the City of Abbotsford to paint three outdoor pickleball lines for use with portable nets and also one tennis court lined for pickleball.   The City has agreed to our request and has painted three pickleball courts at Yale Court Park on Old Yale Road near ARC.  These pickleball courts require a portable net and are painted on a full size basketball court.  The court is fully fenced, the asphalt surface in excellent condition.
One pickleball court on the one public tennis court at Yale Court:    In addition to these courts, they have painted pickleball lines on the one public tennis court in the same location (where the tennis bubble is).  This court is a good quality acrylic surface which uses the tennis net for pickleball.  These four courts have public washroom facilities right there.  A big thank you to the City of Abbotsford for responding to our request and giving us these facilities so quickly and efficiently.

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