Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pickleball Canada Volunteer Instructions in Schools

During Spring Break this week, Dave, Mike, Herb and I volunteered to be Pickleball instructors for three days for Pickleball Canada as requested by Surrey School Board for their 'Dream Camp' Program. We taught about 300 students in 10 elementary schools, morning and afternoon classes, ages from Grade 4 - 7.

The game the children enjoyed the most is the 'pickleball relay race': 10 boys in team 1 and 10 girls in team 2, each balances a pickleball on their paddle and ran to the end of the gym and back without the ball falling off. The team that finished first won. They had a blast !!!

The children cannot hit a ball at first, but after one and half hour, they can even rally. They learned how to serve and play a game. We used 2 USAPA portable nets. We would like to thank ARC and Maclure Elementary School for lending paddles for the students use. The teachers were very helpful and the students loved it.

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