Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mike, Pickleball Canada Ambassador teaches New Players

On Saturday, Mike, Pickleball Canada Ambassador, was teaching 4 new players: ARC attendant Meggie, Jane from ARC Cafe, Jesse and his dad Al. Jesse works as a manager at DHL international courier for 30 years. He now discovered pickleball and loves it, he even learned how to do spins with his groundstrokes.

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  1. Correction, I have only worked for Loomis Express/DHL for 15 years. It was 30 years ago that i last played Tennis.

    Special thanks to Dave, Shirley, Mike, Grant for "letting my Dad and I" in to the group to learn this great sport. The upcoming times for the fall schedule will not necessarily work for my busy schedule, but i will keep in touch when i can.

    thank you, Jesse.


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