Friday, March 18, 2011

Pickleball Staff Training Thursday

About 28 players played on Thursday afternoon. Mike played with Joan's grandson Brandon on his Spring break. Henrietta and I taught Herman and Jane's sister Susan (tennis player) who is visiting Jane from England. I asked Susan to introduce Pickleball to England when she goes back home. About 12 players enjoyed coffee and tea after pickleball.

At 7:30, Dave and I held a two hour ARC Staff training with Joel, Jimmy, Bryce and Sara. Both Bryce and Sara played for the first time. Bryce is a young personal trainer and a badminton attendant. Both he and Sara learned very fast. Sara played so well that it looked like she played for months. She played volleyball before so she has athletic experience. Andre also played volleyball before and he is a A+ player. George, Andre, Matt and his friends played their A+ games. Jimmy, Mike and I taught four more new players on other courts.

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