Thursday, November 4, 2010

No Pickleball on Nov11 Remembrance Day

About 24 players showed up on Thursday afternoon. We welcomed a new player Linda, Ken's neighbour who learned quickly because she plays tennis. I was teaching her first, then Ken arrived so I let him take over. Another new player Jerry played for the second time.

Mandy came with her sister and a friend. Her sister is visiting Mandy from Montreal and I guess there is no pickleball there, so they were watching how we play pickleball. They were very impressed with ARC's modern facility and bright lightings.

We are glad to see Al back from his back injury after three weeks. He hurt his back from using a 60 lbs. post pounder machine to make a fence on his farm. Tom came down just to buy his farm eggs, many people also like to buy his free range eggs. Tom, Al, Richard, Herb, Dave, Mike and I enjoyed coffee and chat afterwards.

A reminder that there will be no pickleball next Thursday Nov 11, Remembrance Day.

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