Thursday, April 1, 2010

Four Courts Full, 19 Players Thursday Afternoon

I did not play today. Mike was there and said all four courts were full with 19 players and some players waiting to play. Jerry, Barry, Gord, Ganbat, Jane, Bill, Catherine, Tom, Joan, Al, Richard, Annette, Frank, Rita, Peter, Michelle, Joyce, Mike and Grant. Mike played very well and won a lot of games. He and Catherine skunked the other team with his good serves and he won two games with Jerry (probably the best player). I also like to play with Jerry because we always win. Winning is more fun but the main thing is to get exercise and have fun !!! Happy Easter to everyone !!!

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  1. Hi Shirley, I understand we have a tournament on June 12th at ARC, could you put some details on the blog regarding it. Some of the people we met down in AZ are from the Fraser Valley and would like to attend, so I am pointing them to our blog.
    Ken see you the wk of Apr 11th


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