Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dec - Tues 4:00 pm Snack Schedule & Potluck Dinner Dec 15th

Below is the "every Tues. after game" Snack schedule of who is bringing their choice of snacks....
Snacks & drinks in Seniors Room at entrance to ARCs east door.

Thanks to all the contributors of goodies for November,
Tues Dec 1 4pm - Annette
Tues Dec 8 4pm - Dave & Shirley
Tues Dec 15 4:30 - 6:30 pm Potluck Dinner
Please email or tel. Grant at
to indicate what category you would like to contribute to
- Appetizers - Salads - Main course - Deserts

Or.. Or.. Or..

Just click in the "comments" area below and enter your item that you will bring + your name. Then in "comment as" dropdown menu click on Anonymous, then click Post Comment.
So far we have.....
Mandy/Ken - salad
Shirley/Dave/Mike - main dish & appetizer
Annette - appetizer
Henry/Rita - salad
Jack/Sharon - main dish
Heather - main dish
Henrietta - dessert
Any questions email Ken at -


  1. Dave and Shirley will bring a pork patties and potatoes main dish instead.

  2. hello, I hope this the right area to put down what we're bringing for pot luck on dec. 15th. we'll bring a salad. henry and rita

  3. From Jack & Sharon: We are really enjoying the pb, we won't be able to make it this Tues. will try for Thurs. We would like to participate in the potluck. We will bring a main dish (meat).


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